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Voice & Accent Training

  • 30Days


Take lessons individually with your own carefully crafted training program. After the initial consultation Marianne will devise a plan based on your needs and assign the appropriate course book to the program. It is usually recommended to start with a block of 5 or 10 lessons but longer term training is more advantageous. You may wish to join a membership program for more rewards. You can learn any accent with our extensive database of accent breakdowns. We have been teaching over 50 accents on professional productions for years which has amounted to a lot of analysis and a comprehensive methodology. Even if it is an accent that we don't have we will research and map it out for you. If your voice is letting you down due to poor expression, low confidence, tone or clarity we can help you to address these issues to take you to the next level. If you have an accent or pronunciation that isn't working for you our Clear Speech Course and Advanced Clear Speech take you through the essentials of good clarity and diction. Here are just some of the benefits of the programme: - Increased confidence and fluency. - Clarity of diction in a well-respected, globally recognized speech style. - Awareness of speech anatomy and physiology - Speech muscle training to learn the new muscle movements to embed an improved muscular pattern - Kin-aesthetic training; we don’t just say listen and repeat we actually show you how to make the required sound. - Awareness of colloquialisms and natural speech for formal or informal situations. - Sensory training to identify the visual, auditory and movement aspects of the accent. - Improved performance in communication. - Intonation, inflection and tuning. - Stress and Rhythm of speech. - Good pitch, pace and power of voice.

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Bronze Membership, £400.00


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