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Transform Your Voice and Presentation Skills

Coaching with Marianne

Meet Marianne

Voice, Dialect and Presentation Coach

Marianne is an established Voice, Dialect and Presentation coach passionate in bringing voices to life for performances on stage, screen and in the workplace. She specializes in helping individuals develop their voice, dialect and presentation skills to help them achieve their goals. With her experience and expertise, Marianne can help you find your voice and become a confident and effective communicator.


What I Specialize In

Develop Your Voice and Dialect Skills

Improve Your Presentation Skills

Confident Communication Skills

Tailored Coaching Sessions

Personalized Coaching Plan

Film Set

Transform your voice skills with Marianne. Book a consultation


I really relished working with Marianne on 'The Clothes They Stood Up In'.  Her voice warm ups really got us all raring to go for the demands of the run. There were over 9 accents in this show which she coached to authenticity.  Plus Marianne is sensitive and kind and makes it fun. I'd recommend Marianne to anyone"

- Sophie Thompson.

Marianne is a terrific teacher.  Wonderfully original, her workshops are imaginative and fun, clear, poignant and helpful.  She is very adaptable with a keen eye for what's required and the talent and energy to make it happen.  I recommend her without hesitation"

- Adrian Scarborough.

"Over the last few years I have worked on so many accents with Marianne.  She has been absolutely amazing, really fun to work with an goes beyond just vocal training and gives insights into what the industry is like.  I always look forward to the next lesson.  She is a wonderful person and has helped me improve so much."

- Thomas Gawthorpe.

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